Friday, September 7, 2012

WeCar or WheeCar!

Last night I had my first experience with WeCar, a car-sharing program through Enterprise. Similar to the more widely known ZipCar. I am currently carless but wanted to get together with a friend last night. I'm also currently bicycle-less, and the bus wasn't convenient. I also hoped to bring home some boxes with me, and that would be easier with a car.

My university/employer just started using WeCar this semester, and I immediately signed up to take advantage of the membership deals. I had no trouble making my reservation and then changing my reservation online, and it was an easy walk to the car located on the med school campus, which is closer to my home than the main campus. At first I wasn't sure how I would recognize the car -- I only knew it was in the first spot on the corner, but there were 2 corners with cars parked (one was a lot with a gate, however). is on the side of the car and the windshield and on a bumper sticker, so that made it clear. The silver Toyota Corolla was nice, new, shiny, and clean. I've been driving the same car -- a Honda -- for 10 years and am very used to its setup, but the Corolla was easy enough to get the hang of. It barely had 300 miles on it; I haven't been in a car that new in a very long time.

The social part of the evening was cut short, but I still had time on my reservation so I drove to the store to pick up some supplies. I still ended up returning the car 30 minutes early. That's my one concern: figuring out how long you need the car for when you reserve. If you return it early, you still get charged the full time (I believe), but if you return it late, there's a fee. The cost of the program could add up, too, if you don't plan your trips well. It definitely makes sense to take advantage of the time you have it and get as much done as possible.

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