Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

# 4 - southbound (Industrial Center)
Status: On time (7:19)

I kind of like this new bus schedule. It helps that I got up early and was ready in less than an hour. First day back on the bus in more than a week. There were more people than my previous rides. The weather was this unfortunate combination of humid and wet but not necessarily hot. The windows on the bus were cracked but there was no AC. Steamy.

# 4 - northbound (Downtown Medical Center)
Status: 5 minutes late (4:21)

I confess I thought the bus was later than it actually was. It comes to 4th & Central at 4:11 and that's the time I have on my afternoon-bus cheatsheet, but it comes to 4th & Brandeis at 4:16, and I was at the park, so it would have been basically 4:16 there, as well. I crossed 3rd Street at 4:07 and hadn't seen the previous bus pass, but I saw three southbound buses go by, so the timing was definitely off.

When the bus arrived, it wasn't that crowded, but it started to fill up. At Oak Street, the driver told the people waiting that her bus was full, but the next bus was right behind her. Still, she stopped at other stops (where no one else was getting off), even though more people were boarding than leaving, and drove past one without stopping at all. I did at least catch the light at Broadway as I walked towards the post office. I got there at 4:45, waited in line for more than 15 minutes, and then arrived at the counter only to see the post office person's computer lock up. Got home at 5:15 after leaving my office at 4. I traveled about 2.5 miles.

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