Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Only one more post until I hit 200 -- I'll have to do something special. Hmm.

This morning was the first morning I've ridden the bus all week. I got a new bike on Saturday and have been biking to work. The weather has been lovely. The bike is comfortable and cute (I have the ladies model in black), and I even have a snazzy new helmet.The bike is called the Manhattan Green, but I have named mine the Green Apple. I have a feeling that it may eventually become Granny Smith.

Snazzy helmet
Monday, I biked. Tuesday, I biked. Then when I got home, I changed my clothes and walked to the grocery store. Wednesday, I biked. Then when I got home, I changed my clothes and walked to the coffee shop, which is right by where I work, but the weather was nice, and I wanted to go home first. I ended up grabbing the bus for the last few blocks. Then I bused home.

I've generally been very good about busing and then biking to work. For the past few weeks, however, I've been completely without my car, so I've been using TARC, my feet, and the bike for more than just commuting. One day I biked to my friend's house for lunch. Last Friday evening I took the bus to get to a friend's house so I could babysit. Sunday I took the bus to the grocery store. I'm trying to think of how often I've even been in a car lately: there was the WeCar trip (1); my sister visited for a weekend and we drove around town (2) last Friday my husband got into town with the car and picked me up from babysitting (3); Sunday night a friend picked me up (and took me home) for dinner (4); and Monday night a friend drove me home from dinner (5). I could get used to this.

Tomorrow, however, everything changes because I'm renting a car to go out of town to visit the husband.

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