Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

# 4 - Downtown Medical Center (northbound)
Status: 8 minutes late (2:16)

The bus came at 2:24. It has been a day. Nothing dramatic, just a series of annoying little things. Oh, and it's now pouring rain!

I left work early because I couldn't get anything done due to ongoing server issues. So, since I'm babysitting tonight, I thought I'd rest up.

Two college-age boys were at the stop. One had a trombone case. I have never seen either of them before this year, but now I think I see at least one of them once a week. One was on my bus this morning. They are definitely brothers, and I wasn't sure if they were twins. One seemed a little taller. And one had tighter curls but they both have full heads of curly hair. I should have been like the woman on the bus and just asked. Everyone boarded and the brothers headed to the back of the bus.

Voice of Woman: Are you twins?
Brothers: Yeah.
VoW: Where's your instrument? You're not a musician?
Brother without trombone: Mine's too big to carry back and forth. I play the tuba. 
The woman started talking about a set of twins who paint together. One works on the left side and the other on the right and they sign it "Twin."
One brother: Are they Siamese?
VoW: No, they're like you, but they're black.

VoW: Which one's nicer? .... Which one's dangerous? ... They say one is nice and one is dangerous.... She asked if they tricked people in school. Do you trick your girlfriends? 
Brothers: We don't have girlfriends.
VoW: Are you gay? 
Brothers: No, no, no, no.
One brother: I don't want a girlfriend until I have my master's (I think?) at least.
VoW: I'm talkin' about girlfriends. What are you talking about?
Brother: I am, too. I don't want to be distracted from my work. 

VoW: I've never seen two cutie pie white boys with 'fros like that. 

Continuing the curly hair trend, at 4th & Broadway, a woman asked me, Is that your real hair?
Me: Yes. You want it?
Woman while pouting: I want curly hair. 
Woman: Is that 31? 
For a second, I thought she was asking my age, but it was the bus across the street. It was the #31. We had just gotten the walk sign but the bus was already pulling away. The driver who was blocking the crosswalk waved an apology through the window for being in the way. That doesn't happen much.

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