Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

# 4 - Industrial Center (6:59)
Status: 2 minutes early

I was up and out the door early today. At the bus stop a young woman was holding a wad of paper towels to the side of her face and talking to a young man with long sideburns. They spent the entire time waiting for the bus and the entire bus ride talking about bad teeth, dental procedures, pain, and pain relievers.

Her: I've never had pain like this. I almost passed out at work.

Him: I bet. It's the fuckin' worst. 

Her: I'm ready to have them all taken out. Him: Get dentures or something. Her: Yeah.

Him: My family has bad teeth. My dad has only 14 or 15 of his real teeth left. His dad was like that and his dad, too. We have a genetic predisposition. We have weak teeth. They're predispositioned that way...My teeth aren't that bad. They're yellow because I use tobacco. I have 4 fillings and I had my wisdom teeth taken out. That wasn't bad.

This led to a conversation on drugs. Him: Don't take oxycontin. Morphine and heroin don't fuck people up the way that does.

Her: That's what happened to me yesterday. And I don't have a lot of fat to absorb it. It went straight to my stomach. I felt sick, I turned yellow. I almost passed out.

Him: Get liquid hydrocodone. My friend had a bottle of that....Great for hangovers.

Her: I took 800 mg of Advil but that didn't do anything....They gave me penicillin, but I don't know what the fuck for.

Him: So if there's an infection. You think it hurts now? It'll fuckin' kill if it gets infected with that root and nerve exposed. The Advil is more an anti-inflammatory if it's swollen but it won't help with pain. Ask for hydrocodone. None of that oxycontin shit.

Her: I've been dealing with this for 6 months but it really only started hurting in the last week.

Him: When it starts hurting, you know you need to see someone fast.

They both got off at my stop but went separate ways. Her: I ain't been sleeping much lately. Him: I bet. Take care of yourself, man.

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