Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

# 4 - Southland Park (7:39 am)
Status: On time

This was my first bus ride this week and the first since the schedule change. It turns out that the times for the #4 have changed. I had downloaded the new schedule but hadn't looked at it yet (which reminds me that I should check out the afternoon times). So I thought I was arriving too late for the 7:31 and a little early for the 7:43. Instead, I got to the stop at about 7:37, which was just enough time to check the schedule, check my phone, and see the bus arriving. 7:39 is a perfect time for me -- thanks, TARC. The ride was quiet and a little stuffy. No windows were open and the AC didn't seem to be going. It wasn't that hot but still just a little humid.

TARC has a booth at the Kentucky State Fair which starts this week. Check out these cute little buses. I think they're cardboard, but they should still provide some fun.

And you can ride the bus to the fair!

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