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Monday, July 9, 2012

We took planes and automobiles and moved on foot during our Alaska vacation but no dog sleds or boats or tuk-tuks or anything else. One afternoon, we did take the bus from downtown back to my friend's house.

She and I had determined there were two routes we could take -- #3 or #13. For some reason, we focused on the latter, which came once an hour at 5 after, except for one random stop at 4:35.

It was just before 3 when we talked about heading back, but we hadn't stopped for Alaska truffles yet, and I hadn't seen the museum. We did make it to the transit center shortly after 3:05, and R. said, "Maybe the bus is late." I looked around at the people standing -- they all seemed sort of dazed. You can ask someone if it's come yet, I said.

He did, and no one could say, and it was after 3:10 at that point, so we decided to walk some more -- stopping by the museum -- and returned in time for the 4:05. Waiting for the bus, I was kind of amazed I used to hang out there in junior high. I would meet my friends downtown--either I got a ride or took the bus--and then take the bus home. The first time, I waited on the wrong side and missed one or two buses before I figured out all the routes didn't stop at the same spot.

The #13 bus was possibly the longest local bus I have ever been on. We went east, we went south, we went north, we went west. I'm pretty sure we went in at least one circle We drove down small residential streets and waited at stop signs, pulled into a community center, a senior center, and at least one hospital. R. read his book. I tried to figure out where we were and texted a friend that this ride was the cheapest city tour ever. The direct routes on Google maps say it's about 6 miles, but we did not take any of those routes.

The man across the aisle talked on his cell phone. Yeah, I know John; we were in treatment together...
Then he talked about buying something from a woman and said that was the same price he had seen. 35. I figured it was a craigslist purchase. R., who did happen to hear this part, was convinced it was a drug deal, saying the guy continued by saying something like I can't say anymore. I'm on the bus. Who knows.

We finally made it to the neighborhood, about 50 minutes later, and got off at the right stop. We were walking towards the house when my friend drove by, on her way back from work. I wondered if you'd pass us, I said. I'd offer you a ride, but you'd be home in the time it took to get in the car, she said.

We made it, and it was only $1.75 a piece.

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