Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012

# 23 - Newburg (8:45 am)
Status: 2 minutes late

I arrived at 4th & Broadway 15 minutes early and thought I'd call my mom, but she didn't answer her phone. So I sat on a bench and watched the traffic. Two, older bearded white men showed up talking to each other, but then one left. The other one hung around and said, "Hey, hey!" until I realized he was talking to me -- we weren't actually facing each other at the time. I turned towards him, and he was off. It was like he knew I had kept a blog and needed a story. Talking semi-incoherently about the Saturday bus schedule and missing a bus and waiting. He takes care of an old man somewhere and sits with him. Usually, it's Monday-Friday, but this man was sick Friday so asked if he could come on Saturday. But the bus schedules! I agree the Saturday schedule isn't great at all, but I couldn't really have a conversation with the man, because even when I agreed with him, he corrected me.

I could walk a mile, but I don't really want to walk in this heat.

It's even worse when you're coming from across the river.

He stays at a motel across the river (Indiana), and it's so popular that they won't hold rooms--you have to be there every day to check in, apparently. And if he's gone too long because of the buses, he might lose his room.

Then, as it naturally does, the conversation, such as it was, turned to the weather. I know people from Louisiana who say this is great. I tried to respond with a comment on the "thickness" of humidity.

I don't think we're gonna have a bad summer at all, he said.

I don't know, I said. It's supposed to be 95 degrees today.

Who told you that? They were lyin'. I watch the Weather Channel and it's only supposed to be 87. 

When another man arrived at the stop, the man turned to him with the same script. When the bus arrived, he did not board it, so now I really have no idea where he was trying to go.

# 55 - downtown/Jefferson St (12:22 pm)
Status: 4 minutes late

Even though I often take the bus to the coffee shop, I don't usually take it home. Today I did. I was gathering up my things when I saw the #23 westbound pass. I knew from the morning's schedule that the next one would be in about 25 minutes. I stopped at the restroom and when I emerged, I saw the #17 westbound pass. Oops. I headed outside and checked additional options on GoogleMaps on my phone. The next #23 was due at 12:21 right across the street. The #55 was due at 12:22. At 12:26, the 23 hadn't arrived, but the #55 pulled up. One man was on the bus. Two of us were at the stop -- the second person asked the driver if the bus went to Broadway. It didn't, so he waited for the 23. I boarded the bus where the AC was going strong. The other passenger got off before we even got downtown. No one else got on. I got off at 2nd & Broadway, where the driver idled for a few minutes before passing me at the light with his empty, chilly bus.

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