Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I have not ridden the bus since Saturday. It's actually been kind of nice.

Monday: Despite a 40% chance of rain, I risked it and biked to work. Around 2, it started raining. No thunder or lightning, but pretty steady rain and I had no jacket or anything. The husband was driving past my campus a little before 4 and picked me up -- the bike went in the back seat.

Tuesday: Only a 10% chance of rain. I biked round-trip.

Wednesday: I walked to work. The husband met me on campus for an appointment, and we drove home afterwards.

Thursday: Bike this morning. I admit I kind of dreaded the idea even as I prepared for it. My quads! The sweat! But it was sunny and about 63 degrees out, and it seemed silly not to. It was after 7:30 when I left the apartment to go to the basement for the bike. It was 7:48 when I passed the car repair place just north of Kentucky Street (.7 miles), the clock tower was chiming 8 when I rode up to the bike racks outside the library, and it was 8:05 when I got to my office.

Granted, this week has involved use of the car, but very minimally, and, overall, I think it's a good trend. If only it doesn't get too humid.

Last night, as we took a walk, the husband and I ended up discussing the Doppler effect. Confession: This conversation does not make me sound very smart. I said, I'm sure it's just physics, but it always feels like cars deliberately speed up as they pass me when I'm on the bike. I think it's the Bernoulli effect. Husband said it was Doppler. Oh yeah. Bernoulli is the shower curtain one, I said. He said, it's how planes fly. I gave up after that -- physics was not my best or my favorite class in school.

Meanwhile, TARC posted a link to its Flickr page. Check out these historic bus photos.

TARC has 3 sets of photos up right now: two of buses from the past and one of the 2012 design a bus winning entries. Cute!

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