Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

# 4 - northbound
Status: on time

This week I've started catching the bus home at Stansbury Park instead of Brandeis. It's a little closer, or at least more direct. I avoid it in the winter because it's really dark along that stretch, and when the weather turned, I was so accustomed to the Brandeis walk that I didn't switch back.

At Brandeis, a familiar face boarded the bus -- my friend C! I rarely see anyone I know on the bus, so it was nice to chat and catch up. While we were saying hello, a woman across the aisle asked me if the bus went up 4th "to the park." Which park? I told her it turned at Broadway, went up 5th, and then turned on Market. I think she asked the driver -- much better idea than asking the person in the middle of a conversation.

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