Friday, March 30, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

# 4 -- southbound. 
Status: LATE!

I hadn't expected to catch the 7:43 bus, but when I saw it heading east on Broadway, I had hope. Except for that damn traffic late. I did not take that bus. As I waited at the light and watched it turn south, stop, and then go, another bus passed me heading west. On its side was the new TARC advertisement: "Make your commute a happy one. TARC Therapy."

I called R. as I crossed the street since I had 12 minutes to kill. I'm getting my physical therapy from TARC today...I'm walking down 4th a few stops to wait for the next bus.. I stopped at Breckinridge to photograph the ad I had seen placed there on Monday advertising help with homework, complete with misspellings.

Then I kept walking and stopped at Kentucky Street. I could have made it to Oak, at least, since the 7:55 never showed. The 8:07 was a little crowded. The driver didn't say anything when I boarded but at a later stop, she told the people boarding, Sorry for your wait, the last bus broke down.

Someone pulled the cord approaching Lee Street. The driver stopped, but no one got off. The driver muttered, loudly, about no one apologizing or saying Next Stop. The woman next to me commiserated, even though we were at a red light. Someone pulled the cord around Bloom Street, which may or may not be a stop. The driver popped the doors open and closed and reset the cord. Someone pulled the cord; the driver reset it. Someone pulled the cord, and the driver stopped at the light at Cardinal.

A man called out, Can I get out here?
No, because you asked for a stop and didn't get off. Was that you who pulled the cord earlier?
Yeah, um no, yeah, just about 30 seconds ago. 
The driver expressed her annoyance. The man said, I'm sorry. The driver let him off at the Cardinal Stop (past the light).  

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