Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

# 4- southbound (8:07 am)
Status: On time

A young man and older woman discussing religion, philosophy, etc. I'm not sure if they know each other or are just bus friends.

I don't pray a lot; I do a lot of listening and meditating. But when I do pray, I pray for lawlessness for a month...The laws protect those who can't protect themselves, and they're the ones causing trouble.

The devil's running amok.

Everyone's talking. On their cell phones and computers and video games. No one listens. 

It's like that old adage, Too many chiefs, not enough Indians. 

I like those little dogs -- close to the earth.

If trees could talk, they have so much history to share.

I think I was a dogwood in my first life. 

You best blink. Some people say Don't blink or you miss something. I say, You best blink and bring everything back into focus.

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