Thursday, March 15, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

#4- Downtown/Medical District
Status: 1 minute late

We made up time quickly--not a lot of stops and another heavy-footed driver. At Kentucky Street, we turned right instead of continuing north on 4th Street. I'm not sure who was more surprised--the passengers or the woman at the stop just north of the intersection waiting for our bus. As we turned, I could see the next intersection, Breckinridge, blocked by fire trucks.

Someone pulled the cord and the driver stopped on Kentucky. Three boys--one teenager and two younger (brothers?)--were about to get off when the driver asked where they were going. They need the 800 Building, which was further north at York. She said she'd be back on the route by then.

Another passenger worried the bus would be late and she would miss her connection. I'm running early anyway, the driver said. I could have gone through and gotten stuck behind the trucks.

I understand, the woman replied.

We went east on Kentucky, turned north on 2nd (3rd is southbound), paused at Breckinridge (the intersection was completely blocked off at 4th), then flew up to York. And turned left:

York is two narrow lanes where it meets 2nd, and it feels even narrower with a building right at the northwest corner. An SUV was in the eastbound lane waiting to turn. The bus had the light and swung into the westbound lane, coming very close to the SUV, who took forever to back up and get out of the way. I was lucky enough to be on the driver's side of the bus in the seat just about where we would bump into the SUV or take out its side mirror. Passengers further back called out to the driver to hold on.

Someone yelled, When is that [woman] gonna get out of the way?

She's moving, just slow, the driver said. We completed the turn and no one was hit. The teenager and two young boys got off at 4th & York before the driver turned right and returned to the route.

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