Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

# 4- Southland Park
Status: On time

One of my favorite drivers today. I was at the infamous 4th & Broadway intersection when the bus approached. And while the driver could have made the turn while the walk sign was counting down, she didn't. Perhaps because she was running early. She also gave herself room at the light to make the right turn when she needed to. Yes, this is a highlight.

Yesterday was a bicycle day. Apparently, it was Backwards Day and no one told me. While I was riding south in the bike lane on a one-way southbound street, I had a bicyclist (no helmet) approach me in the lane riding north. He swung out towards the street--fortunately, no oncoming traffic--and said Good Morning as we passed. A little bit later, there was a jogger going north on the southbound street in the bike lane. That afternoon, I was on the right-hand side of Garvin heading north towards Oak when a woman in an electric wheelchair approached, coming right down the middle of the road but veering towards my right. I swung out to the left to go around her.

In the evening, R. and I went for a walk. At a parking lot, a man in dress clothes was at his car when his puppy escaped. Cutest brown-and-cream boxer. The man obviously has not been watching the Dog Whisperer because the puppy ran around between us and jumped up on my butt. I squealed, Ooh, don't run into the street, while the man yelled, Stop - get your fuckin' ass over here...I can't believe you.... The puppy ran over to me again and I grabbed his collar so the man could get him. Although I was totally tempted to dog-nap him.

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