Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

# 4 - Downtown/Medical Center (p.m.)

It was supposed to warm yesterday, but it was grey and chilly at the stop. The other woman under the shelter commented on the weather. I thought it was supposed to be sunny, I said. She said the good part was we'd be home before it started raining. I said I was glad there hadn't been a lot of snow, but I was tired of all the rain. She said she was planning on moving south. I keep thinking about Florida, I said. That's what I'm doing, she said. She was going to help her sister settle in in Georgia first and then keep going. I can't stay too long; I need my personal space. I said it was hard living with a sister. We get along, she said. Oh, I have 3 sisters, and it's hard for me! I replied. The bus pulled up, and I wished her luck.

Shirley Temple Bag Lady boarded at Orsmby going north. A first for me, although it was early afternoon and not my usual time. She had a dark green velour track suit on and a matching cap. And thick curls. Plus many bags--4 of the Vera Bradley-type in her cart plus a few more below and she was carrying one. She was still on the bus when I got off at Broadway. She is an enigma, as a friend commented.

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