Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

# 4 - Downtown/Medical Center (4:39)
Status: 3-4 minutes late

The bus was full, and I was heading towards the very back row of seats when I saw an empty row across from the back door. Score!

In the front part of the bus were a woman with a suitcase, an obese woman, and a woman with her early-elementary-aged daughter. Right behind them were three men in a row (two together and one across the aisle). I initially thought the three men were together. There were of similar age and dishevelment, with greying facial hair. Two wore ski caps, even though it was close to 50 degrees, and one wore a baseball cap. Most noticeable, however, was one man had a dog. Not a seeing-eye dog. Not any other type of assistance dog as far as I could tell. The dog was on a regular leash and sat in the man's lap. It was a scraggly white collie-type of some sort.

At Lee, the man next to the dog man pulled the cord. Dog man was on the aisle and other man was at the window. Dog man kind of turned to the side to let the other man out, but there's not that much clearance, and he didn't stand to move out of the way, so the other man basically had to climb over the dog man's legs (and the dog!). Dog man continued to sit in the aisle seat with his feet somewhat in the aisle as more people boarded.

DM: You're such a good dog, yes, you are.
Young guy boarding the bus: That's a dirty-ass dog, as he walked down the aisle to the back of the bus.
DM: What'd you say?
Other voice from the back: Uh-oh!
DM: Snowball (?!?!), you're a good dog. Next time someone says something mean...bite 'em. 
The dog man pulled the cord for Hill but didn't actually get off until Ormsby. He rambled/ranted a bit and held his dog, the surprisingly named Snowball. As the man got off the bus, after kind of stumbling up the aisle with Snowball on his/her leash, the man spoke to the driver. I assumed he was thanking her for letting the dog be on the bus (note to self: is there a rule about pets on board? I assumed so, but maybe not?), and the driver laughed.
DM: And Snowball thanks you, too! as he bent down to pat/rub the dog at the front of the bus.

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