Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

# 4 - southbound Iroquois Park (7:55)
Status: 3 minutes late

It was in the 50s but windy today. And wet but not raining when I left for the bus stop. I was still north of Broadway when I saw a bus turn right on 4th Street, but I'm pretty sure it didn't stop. It had to have been the 4 and was definitely running late. Because it wasn't raining, when I got to the stop, I stood outside the semi-crowded shelter. Then the rain came in sheets for just a few minutes. Long enough for me to force open my umbrella and hold it with two hands to keep it from blowing out. The man next to me ducked into the shelter. Then the rain stopped, I closed my umbrella, and the bus came.

Someone rang the bell for Gaulbert. From behind me, it sounded like someone slipped (on the wet aisle?). A man behind me said, Are you alright? to the woman sitting behind me. I am. Are you alright? she asked. I'm good. Put this in your phone. She laughed, and he said Put this number in your phone. This is my stop. Then he recited his phone number, which she repeated, and he got off the bus. I wonder if she'll call.

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