Friday, January 13, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

# 4 - northbound, 4:26 pm
Status: 2 minutes late

When I got off at 4th & Broadway, Mr. Shabby Sharp passed me running south to catch the bus. He was wearing a leather coat and a tangerine suit (or at least the pants). A guy who had just gotten off the bus and was wearing a hat with earflaps commented it was cold. And it was definitely below freezing. Plus windy.

The day before Mr. Shabby Sharp had boarded at 4th & Oak. He ran south across the street to catch the bus. It was above freezing but he was wearing a pastel green-and-white crocheted winter beret/beanie and matching scarf. And multiple chains and necklaces, including one with a green butterfly. When I saw the scarf and hat, my initial thought was, Someone's daughter/granddaughter learned how to crochet for Christmas! He carried a white garbage bag and a shopping bag. He got off one stop (and one block) later at St. Catherine.

When I told my husband about the scarf-and-hat set on Wednesday yet lack of winter attire on Thursday, he said, Maybe someone told him it didn't look good. Me: Dude was wearing a tangerine suit today; I think it takes a lot for him to decide something doesn't look good.

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