Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

# 23 - Newburg/Fagenbush eastbound (8:45 am)
Status: On time

My bus was uneventful, but while we were stopped at a light on East Broadway, I looked across the street and saw a man at the westbound stop: youngish white guy wearing a baseball cap and leather athletic jacket. Cigarette in his mouth. Earphones on and holding onto a portable CD player. (My husband later: Maybe it was one of the ones that play MP3s and cds. Me: Why would you buy one of those? Who buys CDs anymore?) Most importantly, dude was dancing and did not care that he was standing on East Broadway at a bus stop with other people at the bus stop. He was bobbing his head and shaking his hips and lifting his legs (not saying he was a good dancer, but he was definitely into it).

The woman behind me laughed, and I wanted to turn to her to say something, but I didn't. Obviously, I am much more self-conscious than the Dancing Dude.

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