Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

# 18 - eastbound
Status: On time?

I left the follow-up appointment with my surgeon and got to the bus stop with the #18 approaching from about a block away. A few stops later, an older man got on and sat diagonally behind me and struck up a conversation with the two guys right behind me.

Older man: Can you believe this weather?
Guy at the aisle: Can't complain about it for nothin'. Pretty good for January.
(Variations on this).
OM: Do you two watch Professional Football?
GatA: Nah, don't have the time.
OM: My Green Bay Packers didn't make it past the first round. Super Bowl Champions, ha. 
(More about the weather)
GatA is talking and then drops something; a travel coffeee mug rolls under the seat towards my feet. I pick it up and hand it back to him. GatA: How do you forget you have something in your hand? 
Guy at Window: You just thinkin' real hard. 
When I got up from my bus, I went toward the back doors and ended up stepping on the aisle guy's foot (in black clogs of the restaurant/hospital style) as his legs were stretched out into the aisle. I apologized, and he did, too, sort of: Oh, I'm sorry, baby. 

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