Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

# 18 westbound
Status: on time

Last time the bus was late so I built in more time today and the bus was just about on time. A few stops past mine, a woman stood at the corner holding a transfer ticket, but the actual bus stop sign was about half a length in front of her. The driver stopped at the sign, and when the woman boarded, he pointed out where the stop was.

Further on, a family of 6 boarded. The father carried a stroller, and the mother carried an infant boy. The other 3 members were boys about a year apart from each other, so maybe 5, 4, 3, 2, infant. All boys with closely cropped red hair. The mom sat them in the two front seats next to each other with the oldest holding the youngest and the mom standing in front of them. The young woman in the first set of front-facing seats offered the aisle seat, but the mom said she was fine. The dad stood across the aisle holding the stroller. In the row of three seats, one man sat with his legs spread out over the other 2 seats.

At least once, the oldest boy yelled, Momma, I can't hold him..he's gonna hit his head! And the mom replied, Yes, you can. You've held him before, but she stuck her arm out to put her hand between the infant's head and the side of the bus. The family got off at Broadway. Right before the bus stopped, the mom cried Why did you take your shoe off? The dad grabbed the stroller and got off, followed by the mom carrying the infant, and the other 3 boys, one of them carrying a sneaker in his hand.

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