Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#4 - Industrial Center
Status: 2 minutes late

I overslept this morning, so when I left the house, my goal was to catch a 7:50-something bus. The bus (7:55) reached the stop when I was still at least half-a-block away from the intersection. Then I had a red light, and the bus pulled away while I was still standing at the opposite corner. I blame the NPR story on the World Series game -- the Cardinals' bullpen misunderstood the call to warm up a replacement pitcher, even though the pitchers' names don't sound anything alike. Well, I was sucked in enough that I stood by the door listening before heading out. And the could have cost me the walk sign.

I started walking down 4th Street and texted R. You might make it to work before me. He was still in bed when I left. He persisted in telling me through text and later by phone that I should have just turned around and gotten my bike. Except the bus would have arrived before I even got home, and I would have had to put all my stuff in a different bag, and I would have been even later to work. It was lighter outside, but I also need to get lights and reflectors for the bike -- no one's going to say they can't see me.

I stopped at Kentucky--the time was 8:08 and the bus was just turning onto 4th Street. It arrived a couple minutes later. Quiet ride, but the bus smelled a little sour.

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