Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

# 4 - Central Ave
on time

The bus arrived right on time and even waited a minute or two for some passengers coming from another bus. How come that never happens for me?

A man was at 3th & Kentucky, although at first I didn't see who was at the stop. I just knew someone was talking to the driver. He said where he needed to go. The driver said she wasn't going that far. The man said he'd go as far as she was going. The driver lowered the ramp and went to the seats to lift the row and pull out the seatbelt.

A man in a wheelchair (not an electric one) hauled himself onto the bus. He wore a winter cap and was missing a leg. And he wanted to talk. As the driver fastened the belt, went back to the front, and started driving, the man tried to tell her his story. My father passed last year...He was an assistant dean at Louisville and Michigan. State. University! Would send money to the son ($20 a day?!), but the man hadn't received anything since his father died. I lost my leg around the same time my father passed...It has to heal for a year before I can get a new one. Going to pull myself up.

In the afternoon I walked home and I saw the same man at 4th & York trying to push himself along with one leg. One of the small wheels in the front of the wheelchair was bent. 

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