Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

# 4 - Downtown/Medical Center
Status: 3-4 minutes late

The bus was supposed to reach Hill Street at 4:42, but it was more like 4:46 when it pulled up. When I left work, I knew I wouldn't catch the 4:26 so decided to walk a bit--and I was right. I saw the bus drive by when I was cutting through a parking lot. At Hill Street, I took a photo of the former Old Louisville Coffeehouse, soon to be a new Yafa Cafe (!). Because there was a car at the red light in front of the bus, the bus could not pull into the right lane in front of the stop but opened the doors where it was. Two people got off and I got on. An older man wearing a baseball cap and with hair that went a little below his ears said, Well, hello there, young lady. He was talking politics with the even older man across the aisle who wear a newsboy cap and carried two bags from Dollar General (toilet paper and paper towels). The gist of it was they supported the protests on Wall Street and Louisville and didn't think Rick Perry would get the Republican nomination.

I was glad I hadn't taken the earlier bus since it was broken down at Oak Street and those passengers boarded our bus. I probably would have started walking. An older couple--she had a red-and-white cane and he had a wood-tipped one--boarded from the earlier bus. The man in the baseball cap offered his seat (also on that row was a young woman with a baby and a stroller that jutted into the aisle), but the couple chose to stand. We're not going that far, the woman said. At Kentucky Street (about 3 stops), they were still on the bus when the newsboy cap man got off, and they took his seat. At York Street, a woman with an electric wheelchair was waiting to board. Sitting on the footpad was a young girl. Pretty sure that's not what that's for. I got off the bus there and walked up to Broadway and then on home.

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