Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

# 23 - eastbound
Status: approximately 4 minutes late

I was meeting M. at the coffee shop at 9 for the first time in a few weeks. I hadn't checked the TARC schedule but headed out around 8.30. It turns out I was right between 2 buses. It was sunny, with just a slight chill, so I started to walk east on Broadway. I hate just hanging around the bus stop waiting.

Two men stood at the corner of Broadway and Brook. One was smoking a cigarette and one was standing in the street in an orange vest taking money from a driver stopped at the light (I had stopped at the flashing orange because I didn't think I could cross in time). I thought he was selling the weekend newspaper. As the light changed, those cars took off and I stood waiting. The man looked over at me and called me Darling or Sweetie or something and asked if I could give money to Wayside Christian Ministries. I shook my head. I support WCM but I'm not giving cash on the street to a guy in a vest. I said I didn't have any cash. Which was technically true in that the money I did have on me was reserved for the coffee shop, and if you're going to sit in a coffee shop for 2+ hours, you need to buy some food and drink.

How much money do you have? he asked. That was a little presumptuous.
I said I had no extra cash -  I don't get paid until the end of the month.
He looked me up-and-down from shoes to head. You don't look poor.
I didn't say I was poor--I'm broke. There's a difference. Good thing he didn't comment on the laptop bag hanging on my other arm. Macbook was heavy.

The damn light would not change!Finally, I took off and checked the schedule at the next stop. Still time to walk. Another man yelled out Good morning to me and asked how I was. I said Good morning back and said fine. As I walked past, I think he said, Today's my birthday, but I wasn't sure.

I stopped around Shelby at that stop to wait the next few minutes. I had been home the entire week before with a sinus infection and had not planned on a brisk Saturday morning walk. At the designated arrival time, there was no sign of the bus approaching, so I started walking again. At Barret, just west of the intersection, the bus passed me. The stop was on the east side of the intersection.

I turned onto Barret and cut up a side street and just kept walking. It was a little over 2 miles and took about 40 minutes.

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