Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

# 4 - southbound
Status: 14 minutes late!

As I walked down 4th, I saw a northbound bus but not a southbound one. I wondered if I'd get there just in time. I arrived at 4th & Broadway at 7:47. Plenty of time for the 7:55 but too late for the 7:43.

More people showed up and eventually there were 8 of us or so. At 8, when the bus hadn't shown, I thought about walking. It's a 40 minute walk, and I could have caught a bus along the way (if it ever showed up), but I resisted. I had this fear of being halfway to the very next stop when the bus drove by. It was an irrational fear.

At 8:05, I checked the schedule and saw the next bus was scheduled for 8:07. Surely, at least one bus would show up- right? And at 8:07, there came two #4 buses heading east on Broadway then turning south on 4th. Most people boarded the first bus. One other guy and I jumped on the second, which didn't even really pull up to the curb. I was betting on the second bus being faster because the first one would stop more. This was based on the assumption that the first bus was the late bus and would have more passengers. We passed the first bus at the Broadway stop, and I felt secure in my decision. We still ended up making more stops than I anticipated but always stayed in front. As I started to cross the street at Brandeis, I saw the second bus stopped at Cardinal, so I did get a few minutes at least.

The afternoon bus was also late -- only 6 minutes.The time wasted standing at bus stops. At least I've started bringing my iPod again.

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