Friday, September 23, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

# 18 - Valley Station
Status: 8 minutes late

The bus was due to arrive at 2:22. At 2:25 one of the students standing at the stop commented that the bus should be there. Another student said, "Yesterday, it was so late, I saw 3 other buses go the other direction before it showed up." I almost said but didn't, "I can't afford to wait that long." I had an appointment at 3 and had already chosen the 2:22 instead of the 2:37 to build in time for delays. I texted R. that one day I was going to calculate how much time I lost waiting for late buses.

The bus that arrived was pretty crowded near the front, but there were seats in the back so I made my way down the aisle. For a few minutes, I thought the route had changed but then realized my view was just a little different in the sideways seat. I texted R again: What has a tree, a small dog, and 2 Mormons on it?   My bus. A woman had one of those tall fake (plastic/silk) plants with her on the bus--someone's doing some decorating! She got off a few stops later. The two young male Mormon missionaries were easy to spot because of their white shirts and ties. They got off at Oak/St. Catherine. The dog was a small white one with a purple vest on. I assume it was an assistance/emotional support animal of some kind, which had me daydreaming about having my cat Liberty labeled as an Emotional Support Animal. I think he would do well hanging out in my office with me.

At Broadway, a heavyset/large man got off the bus. A young woman on her cell phone was in the seat right behind the rear doors. That's nasty. Cover that up, she said. Pull your shirt down when you get up. Then she told the person on the other end of the phone conversation, This man got up and half his ass was hanging out. I don't want to see that.

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