Monday, September 12, 2011

New Albany: You can't get there from here

The I-64 Sherman Minton Bridge between Louisville and Indiana is closed. Indefinitely. This means more people will be on the I-65 bridge. All the detours basically take you to the same point. Metro Louisville and the mayor's office have released tips and recommendations for commuters. 

Know what the ultimate form of carpooling is? Public transit. How about using this as an opportunity (and a necessity) to ramp up TARC service? More frequent routes between Indiana and Kentucky? Special rates? Or at least mention it as an option. Oh wait, it was mentioned this morning. Sort of: "Another option -- public transit."

Here are some tips courtesy of Eric Brown about riding TARC:
Search by route if you know what bus is close to you
System map if you don't know which bus to take
Trip planner will route you from point A to B but can be a little quirky with addresses
The bus is $1.50. Exact change only.

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