Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

# 4 - Southland
Status: 5 minutes late

The crosswalk gods were with me this morning as I made it to the stop at 7:30 with a minute to spare. The bus, however, did not make it until 7:36. Two northbound buses stopped across the street at the same time. Not a good sign.

After a few passengers got off at Brandeis, the driver opened the door again, faced the back of the bus, and made a waving motion. Is he telling me to get off here? I pulled out my earbud (the downside of listening to music on the bus), and it turns out he was asking a guy behind me to turn down his music. Someone else pulled the cord for Stansbury Park. Two vehicles were turning around on the street. Odd. Except they had to because following last night's rain, the street was flooded below the train crossing. There was a barrier, but not a sign warning approaching cars, so everyone was turning around in the street. Including the bus driver, who pulled into the parking lot, did a three-point turn and headed north. The cars that had turned around honked at the cars still going south, but no one knew what the honks meant based on the number of cars that didn't stop. Third Street was also blocked, so who knows where the bus went. Explains the late buses this morning and indicates maybe I should walk home this afternoon.

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