Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

# 4 - Downtown/Medical Center
Status: On time?

It was a game of musical chairs in the front seats of the afternoon bus. Baby Jane Bag Lady was in the sideways seats behind the driver. She had 7 bags in her cart and three bags next to her. In the front-facing seat right behind her was another woman with a shopping cart, but it barely had anything in it. I believe there's an untapped market for bus-friendly shopping carts. I was in the 2nd set of front-row facing seats on the non-drivers side and gave up my aisle seat at York, but the person stayed up front.

At St. Catherine, the bus started beeping. Then another beeping tone that was quieter and faster but happening at the same time. It stopped at Kentucky and then started again right before Broadway. If the bus broke down, I would just get off and walk, but with this weather, I would not enjoy it.

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