Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

# 18 - Westbound
Status: few minutes late

A woman was standing with a young girl across the street (not at a stop) in the shade. The girl saw me and yelled "Hi!" across the street. I waved and yelled back. A few minutes before the bus was supposed to arrive, they crossed over to the stop and the sunny side of the street. The girl had a little doll that sang, "I'm a little teapot." She asked where the bus was. Her nana said it was on its way then commented to me that it should have been here already. A freight train passed on a side street and we all watched the graffitied cars of what looked like coal, wood chips, and other freight pass by.

When the bus arrived, it was semi-full. There was an empty row, but I let the woman and the girl have it and I stood at the back door. I thought the standing might be good for me, but I forgot how bumpy that ride is with the train tracks, turns, and poorly-kept roads. A man sprawled across two seats offered me a seat, but I said, "No thanks, I'm fine." Then the man behind him stood up and said he was getting off soon, so I sat down. A woman boarded with two pre-teen/teenaged girls and a young boy. One girl sat next to me, and the sprawler got up so the woman, the other girl, and the boy sat there. Across the aisle, two people sat in the aisle seats next to empty window seats.

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