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Sunday, August 28, 2011

# 2 - Market Street
Status: 14 minutes late

We landed around 2:30 and had already decided that we would take the bus home if the flight wasn't late. The northbound bus was scheduled to arrive at 3:06. It would cost $1.50 for R. and nothing for me with my university ID. It seemed worth saving the approximately $20 for a cab since the bus wasn't too far off. In the past, the schedule hasn't even been close. We did consider asking one of the shuttles for the nearby hotels about riding with them as long as the shuttle wasn't full.

However, as we sat at the bus stop, there were no hotel shuttles and no bus for quite some time. There is also no schedule at the bus stop. It seems like the airport stop, if no place else, should have the schedule posted. It also seems like the airport bus should come more often than about every 90 minutes on the weekend and 70 minutes during the week.

The PDA link on the TARC page doesn't work on my BlackBerry--I'm not sure if it's a BB thing or something else. I was able to read the detour listings, which said the bus would end up at 4th & Broadway.

Finally, as I was just moments away from saying "Let's just get a cab" the bus arrived at 3:20. It was relatively full with UPS workers heading home. I sat near the front and R took a seat in the back. A group of women near me talked about work: I'm working Thanksgiving and Christmas. A few women boarded outside the State Fair. One carried a plate in a bag, another a plate wrapped with foil, and the third had a grocery cart filled with a small cooler, folding camping chairs, large soda bottles, a puzzle book, and three plates wrapped with aluminum foil. The first woman asked her what all the food was. It's for my little baby at home, the cart woman responded. The first woman asked the second, Did you see her take 3 plates? The first woman then commented to one of the UPS women, who she may or may not have already known, That motherfucker can eat, yes she can...

At one point, I moved back to sit next to R. A young man, possibly still a teenager, was talking on his cell phone. What happened? I'll call you back. When he disconnected, he said, I think my mother's dead...She had a heart attack yesterday.
The bus detoured all over the place -- we turned right on Eastern because I think Crittenden and Eastern are partially blocked because of water man work. We couldn't make a left turn on Eastern so turned right, went around the block, and then came up Shelby before turning left, then right, and coming up Preston. Eventually we made it on to 2nd Street, but much of Old Louisville was blocked off because of the Ironman race, which had runners going right through the neighborhood. At 2nd & Broadway I thought the bus was about to turn, so we got off and cut through a parking lot and darted across 3rd in between runners to get home. Fans and families were sitting on the curb in front of our building cheering on the runners. The bus went north on 2nd, so we could have gotten off at Chestnut, but it wouldn't have made that much of a difference.

We got home around 4 p.m. 90 minutes from the airport. It's about 6-7 miles from the airport to home (by car). In Chicago I rode two trains from Midway into the city, past the Loop, in about the same amount of time (from getting off the plane to getting to the door), which was about 12-13 miles by car.

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