Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monday, August 30, 2011

# 4 - Downtown/Medical District
Status: 10 minutes late

I decided to walk home part of the way (my Chicago blister was bothering me just enough that I wasn't sure how far I'd go) and catch a bus on 4th Street if the timing worked out. At Hill Street, it was 4:14 and I decided to grab the 4:16 or so. Except, two southbound buses had already passed and no northbound buses.

A woman sat on the bench with her elementary-aged son. She said, I thought it said 4:16 and checked the posted schedule again. At different points, we both stood in the right lane and peered down the street.

Finally, at 4:26 the bus appeared. It was full and carried two people in wheelchairs. The design of the bus is such that it meant 7 seats were lost. I wonder if that's standard for buses and if there's a way to fit wheelchairs without losing so many seats. When one man in wheelchair got off (at Ormsby?), another passenger pulled the seat down. He sat in one end seat and another guy sat at the other end. I grabbed the middle seat. The first guy had Wide Leg (aka Big Package) Syndrome. A crowd of people boarded at Oak. At a few stops, the driver said another bus was right behind her (and I don't know if she meant in view or that the scheduled bus should arrive soon), but people kept boarding, and she kept stopping. The man with the wide legs commented that the driver needed to stop letting people on. I said that the bus you know is better than the bus that's supposed to follow.

A crowd of people got off at Broadway, of course.

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