Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

# 4 - Downtown/Medical Center
Status: 13 minutes late (approximately)

I left work in time to catch the 4:26 bus home. It did not matter, because the bus did not show. I had no phone (hence, no clock) so I had no idea when it was officially late, and I could not call or text R. to give him a heads up since he was planning on meeting me at the stop. A southbound bus approached as I reached the stop and another passed before a northbound bus showed up -- never a good indication. It was very hot outside and the covered shelters do not provide any protection against heat. It's like sitting in a dirty greenhouse with all that glass. And with the heat, it's not worth starting to walk--I'm also always afraid the bus will show up and pass me just as I'm halfway between two stops. Finally, a bus showed up -- it was even a hybrid bus and the AC was working! Immediately behind it was another bus. The 2nd bus passed us while the 3 people at the stop boarded the hybrid. I thought it would end up being another game of passing each other, but the 2nd bus stayed in front. Our bus idled at Cardinal for a minute -- really?! We caught up to the other one at 4th & Broadway.

Somewhere along the route, near Central Park, we almost rear-ended a pick-up truck. At least, that's what it seemed from my perspective. The truck was waiting to turn left when the traffic light turned yellow. I would have thought we were on the 4:26 bus (except for the idling earlier), because the driver was not going to lose any more time and decided to go through the light. But the truck hadn't turned yet, so there was a bit of maneuvering. I've been in scarier situations, but I still made a face of alarm.

Two young women boarded, one of them with a Mohawk. The Mohawk one paid and received a transfer, and then I swear she just handed the transfer to the next girl. I guess that works as long as they're not both using the same transfer at the same time.

Today, I have to go from campus to Germantown (technically, Schnitzelburg) and then from there to downtown. I plotted out the bus options yesterday. I would get to my appointment early and possibly have to wait up to 20 minutes for the first bus to go home depending on how long my session lasts (one bus there, 2 buses home). But after waiting around yesterday afternoon, I decided to drive today. The benefits of having a car when one needs it. If it were not 100+ degrees outside, I might be more willing to bus it.

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