Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

# 18 - Eastbound
Status: ?

I was coming from my doctor and didn't know what time the bus would arrive (insert request for mobile app here). I must have just missed one because I ended up waiting for at least 10 minutes for the next one. While I was sitting on the bench, a young woman asked if I knew where the health department was. Another woman, with a cigarette, husky voice, and t-shirt about God, came up and said, "What do you need, hon?" and directed her to the place. Everything in that area is medical or health related. As the bus approached, the husky-voiced woman commented on the weather being hot and getting everything done so she could go inside for the rest of the day (it was just before 10 a.m.) But her grandson's having a birthday party at 5:30 and Gramma has to make an appearance. I said it wasn't as bad as it's been.

While on the bus, I saw a pregnant woman in pajama pants and a tank top at the corner by the Long John Silver's. She walked by as the bus was stopped, inhaled on a cigarette, and then threw it to the ground. Oh dear. The woman in front of me held a small mirror and applied eye shadow--pretty impressive on a bus.

A man in a Yosemite Sam t-shirt and an electric wheelchair boarded so the people in the front rows moved back. A man who smelled like urine sat next to me. He said something I couldn't understand so I kind of smiled and nodded. Then he asked if it rained "up here" last night or in the morning. The guy behind me said no. I said it had rained yesterday afternoon but not since then. The urine-smelling man said down where he was it rained so hard it pulled trees down. Then he reached his arm across my face and held on to the cord for a few minutes before pulling it.

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