Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

# 4- Downtown/Medical Center
Status: on time

I was early so walked to the stop at Lee Street. The woman in the seat behind me listened to gospel music without headphones and sang along a little. At Hill Street, an older woman with shoulder-length gray hair boarded the bus. An African-American woman sitting in one of the front seats moved to the first seat facing the front. The woman boarded but continued standing at the front of the bus. The other woman and a younger white guy in polo shirt and slacks drinking water from a disposable plastic cup with lid and straw told her there was a seat available. The gray-haired woman said she didn't want to fall trying to sit down while the bus was moving. We won't let you fall, the other woman said.

The polo-shirt guy apologized to the African-American woman for not moving faster. He meant to give up his seat to the gray-haired woman. It's just one of those days, he said. This heat burns my brain.

The front seats became part of a game of musical chairs as a woman with a walker boarded and other people moved around. When I got off at Broadway, the polo-shirt guy was back in his original seat.

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