Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

# 4 - Central Avenue
Status: On time

I guess I've been on hiatus. It wasn't planned, but it's been hot, the Internet has been out at home, and the bus rides have been relatively quiet. As long as the AC works, I'm happy with it.

This morning I left home just late enough that I missed the 7:31. This was not on purpose. I saw the bus at the corner from blocks away and it idled for a few minutes, but I knew there was no chance. I double-checked the time of the next bus on the schedule and then walked a few blocks south to Breckinridge. Even though it was supposedly in the 70s this morning, it was very humid.

I passed a man with one of those claw picker-uppers picking up garbage. He was north of the deck of playing cards scattered across the sidewalk in front of the Baptist church. A woman sitting at the Oak stop northbound appeared to be pulling her shirt on as our bus passed. She was wearing a sports bra but did not look like she had been running, walking, or doing anything other than loitering at a bus stop without her shirt on. If your shirt is off at 7:45 in the morning, where do you go from there? (I said this the other day about a small group of shirtless men outside the public library, but it works equally well here).

On Monday's bus, the driver stopped at Cardinal Boulevard and idled with the door opened. No one boarded and no one got off. Then he called back that he wasn't stopping at Brandeis (the next stop) so those people should get off at Cardinal. I decided to stay on and get off at the park stop but was slightly concerned he wouldn't stop there either. There was no construction or detour at Brandeis, and it's the most popular U of L stop on the #4, both north and southbound. The Cardinal stop is halfway between two lights so you either have to walk ahead to Brandeis anyway, backtrack, or dart across the street. The park stop has the world's longest red light.

There were no notices on the website, and the Monday afternoon bus stopped at the northbound stop. This morning's driver also stopped at Brandeis, so maybe the Monday driver was just finicky about something. The bus was so cold this morning that my sunglasses immediately fogged as I stepped down to the sidewalk.

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