Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011

# 4 - Central Avenue
Status: Two minutes early

I was early at the the northwest corner of 4th and Broadway waiting (as always) for the light to change, when the southbound bus turned onto 4th. As soon as the Flashing Hand hit "1," I started crossing. Another passenger scurried in front of me. It was 7:29 when I boarded the 7:31. We waited one more minute and then continued.

The driver was Monday's driver who kind of looks like Cedric the Entertainer. He even wears a stylish newsboy cap. Approaching Cardinal, someone pulled the cord. Two people got off the bus. The bus started moving forward, someone pulled the cord, and the bus immediately stopped. The passenger said it was for the next stop and the driver said to get off here. Cardinal is the worst stop because it's not near a street corner.

I stayed on the bus and got off at the park exit, which is actually shadier and more direct now that Brandeis may or may not be a stop and my walking routes are being re-routed due to massive construction between the bus stop and the library.

What happened to the Brandeis stop? I sent an email through the General Comments link to TARC. Because this is the kind of thing I care about now. I'm also considering writing my metro councilperson about getting the timing of the lights changed at 4th & Broadway so that people have more time to cross north-south.

[Update] I received a response to my email last Thursday and learned the sign was missing. This morning's bus (which was a later one that I usually take) did stop at Brandeis and I saw a stop indicated there. Thanks, TARC!


  1. Emily,
    We discovered the TARC stop sign at Brandeis had been removed by someone recently. It has been replaced over the weekend. Thank you for riding.
    Erik, TARC Marketing

  2. Thank you! I saw the sign there this morning.