Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

# 4 - Iroquois Park
Status: On time?

I was actually able to leave early this morning and was at the corner of 4th & Broadway (northwest) waiting for the late to change when I saw the southbound bus turn. I assumed I'd just be walking down 4th Street and catching the next bus later because there was no way I could cross Broadway. I waited for the Walk Man to turn into the Flashing Hand and count down. Meanwhile, a #23 westbound stopped at Broadway just as the light changed. I hobbled across the street (dealing with some back issues) following two people transferring from #23, and the #4 driver waited! So I got on the bus around 7:19.

Two women behind me were chatting.
# 1: You have to take some sort of test. I hope it's not a math test. I hate math....It probably is math; it's for an assembly job. You probably have to count forks...
# 2: My son is really good at math, but I don't like it.
#1: Mine too. I can count money and that's it. 

Across the aisle, I heard a man speak somewhat softly into his cell phone: Just pack your things and go. Leave.

At Breckinridge, a woman with two young girls boarded. The girls had matching outfits on (pink tops) and were about 2-3 and 4-5. The woman carried the younger one, and the other one stood next to her wiping her eyes from crying. The bus was stopped at the red light. As the light turned green, and the bus started to move, a white pick-up truck passed in the left lane and then turned right in front of the bus. I know someone who hit a bus that way--don't turn in front of the buses like that! It's one thing, although still iffy, if the light has been green and the bus is idling at the stop, but the light had just changed. I was told to toot my horn to let the bus driver know I'm turning, but how do I know the bus driver knows the same signal I do? I will just wait, thank you very much.

#2: ...a tuna sandwich. Or chicken salad sandwich.
#1: I've never made chicken salad. I like it, but I don't make it. What do you put in it? I saw this chicken salad with almonds and grapes...
#2: My sister likes grapes in hers; I don't.
#1: It's nasty.

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