Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

# 4 - southbound
Status: On time?

R. waited at the stop with me and pointed out a man with an "Alize" tattoo on his arm for his kid. I heard this as Alley Zee and asked what that was, not that I had ever heard of Alizé either. Turns out, it's a liqueur. Although, according to Wikipedia it's also French for "trade winds" and the "premium economy offering of Air France." Alizé Comet is a French tennis player; Alizée is a French singer, and Alize (without the accent) is a common girl's name meaning Joy or Joyful. Anyway, at 7:30 this morning we went with the liqueur definition. How do you know it's his kid's name? I asked. Because it's on a list between Derik and David, he said. 

 The security guy/former police officer/talker was on the bus but it wasn't the driver he chats with, so he sat silently. The woman across the aisle from him in the front of the bus carried a walking stick -- not a cane, but what looked like a semi-carved wood walking stick. Or a long piece of scrap wood she used as a walking stick. She talked to the driver. I learned her grandmother had 22 children and her mother had 12. That she was working 9-1 and doing a snack and lunch but breakfast was earlier. That she had a patient who had a 20 hour and 15 minute surgery to remove his ear because he had cancer on his ear. They took skin from his leg to graft it on his ear. She asked the driver if he was an "evangelist." She said God heard her prayers and made her middle son a minister (and possibly her youngest son, too). Thank God, he's a merciful God, she said, for those people who don't listen/talk to him.

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