Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

# 4 - Downtown/Medical Center
Status: 5 minutes late

A young woman in the back of the bus called her friend -- What is all this about? You two are supposed to be sisters....What's this about you and your husband jumping her? [?!]...What do you mean my boyfriend was calling her? He said he didn't...Well, I'm going to call her now.

She says that Danny was calling you...Was he?...Why would he be calling you? I'm going to call him now and get this shit straightened out.

I got off at Oak for Cat Care and didn't hear what Danny had to say.

After checking on my friends' cats, I walked back to 4th Street to catch another bus at St. Catherine. There's a church at that corner. There were also two cop cars and a shirtless man right by the bus stop. I decided to walk north to Kentucky and catch the bus there. I reached the stop just a few minutes before the bus. The driver had his doors open and the bus was beeping. Apparently, there was no air conditioning. We drove one stop, let 2 people on, and then sat there for a few minutes. The doors were open, the bus was beeping two different tones, and it was hot. I was about to get off the bus and just walk home -- at least there's a breeze off the bus -- when it sounded like the fans kicked on and the bus continued on its way.

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