Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

# 4 Central Avenue
Status: 2 minutes early

I skipped making coffee this morning to catch the 7:31 (Southland) bus. At 7:26-7:27, I was standing at the northwest corner of 4th & Broadway waiting for the Walk sign when the Southland bus turned and stopped at the southwest corner. No one was waiting at the stop. One person got off. The bus continued on at 7:27 as I was crossing the street. I thought of the little things I could have done to get there sooner but the big obstacle was the traffic light, and unlike many of the people I see on Broadway, I do not feel comfortable running across 6 lanes of traffic. Particularly when the bus is 4 minutes early and should idle at the stop for a few minutes anyway.

I continued walking south on 4th Street. At least the weather was good, if not a bit humid. I considered crossing to 3rd Street which is more scenic, but then I would be committing myself to walking all the way to work. I stopped at Oak Street at 7:42. The bus came at 7:46 (two minutes early).

Instead of getting off at Brandeis, I waited for the Stansbury Park exit. I pulled the cord (the sign lit up). I walked to the back doors and stood there. The bus drove past the stop. I called out Stop (my Bus Confidence is improving). And he stopped (while looking back at me funnily)! I said Thank you and got off. We were only about a bus length past the stop and it was before the railroad bridge. Otherwise, I think I would have had to get off at Winkler. If that happened, I would have been tempted to cross to the northbound side and just go back home.

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