Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday, June 30, 2011

# 4 - Iroquois Park
Status: On time

Two days in a row I've just missed the 7:40-something bus. Yesterday, since I didn't see the bus, I thought it was just running late and stood there waiting for it. The 7:55 arrived at 7:58 and the driver told a man at the stop, No, this isn't the 8:04. That should be obvious but not when you're on TARC time.

This morning, sitting at an outdoor table at the not-open-for-the-day Sicilian's Pizza were two youngish white men with painted faces talking to an African-American man standing in front of them. Their faces were painted in what I immediately thought of as Scary Death Clown but there may be a more technical name. They smoked cigarettes. It was about 7:40 in the morning.

Learning my lesson from yesterday, I decided not to wait at 4th & Broadway but keep walking and catch the 7:55 bus further down line. Men were on the roof of the church at 4th & Breckinridge. I saw them pulling shingles as I approached, but I still gasped and whispered, Oh my god when I saw a limp black figure fall from the roof to the ground below. It was roofing material.

I boarded on time at 4th & Kentucky. An older man asked the young guy near me if something he was holding was from a sorority, which I found an odd question, considering they were both men. I missed the young man's answer beyond the No, but then he identified the other badge/keychain he was holding -- I got this for being clean 30 days...It'll be 60 days Monday. The older man said something about being clean 6 days and having the shakes--he demonstrated with his arms. He had been in the hospital, he said. I noticed the hospital tag on his wrist when I passed him at the Broadway and he asked me the time.

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