Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

# 2 - UPS via Airport
Status: 3 minutes late

We arrived at 1st & Chestnut at 9:26 for the #2 bus to the airport. Free for me; $1.50 for R -- can't beat that. The bus arrived at 9:30. It was crowded (lots of people) but not full (empty seats). Many of the people were heading to UPS -- the brown shirts gave some of them away; and the ids marked the rest. The young woman across the aisle was speaking to the woman next to her who appeared to be eating dry cereal out of a large thermos. The young woman was talking about the house she was staying at. She's so stingy that she buys the Kraft cheese for herself and Kroger cheese for the kids. She won't share any of her food but if you have something she likes she says, Let me have some of that...You can't say no or she'll tell you to get out of her house.

The young/pre-teen boy sitting next to her must have been cold -- first he tucked his arms into his t-shirt and then his head so that all you saw were jeans, a bright blue shirt, and a mess of dreads sticking out of the neck.

The bus took an odd detour down Preston Street and then west on Eastern Parkway before turning onto Crittenden -- it's been awhile so either the route changed or there was a detour because of the previous night's storm. An incessant whining noise came from the bus which was one of the newer fuel-efficient ones. This constant high-pitch drone for the entire ride.

We reached the airport just before 10, with plenty of time for our flight.

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