Sunday, June 5, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

# 4 - Downtown/Medical Center
Status:  4-6 minutes late

After I got off at 4th & Broadway and met up with R. along 4th, I said, There was a guy on the bus -- I don't know if you'd call him "casket sharp," but he was something-sharp. Maybe craps-game sharp . . . Do you want me to start from the top or the bottom?
R: Go from least amazing to most.

The outfit:
  • black shirt and tie
  • purple jacket and pants
  • red straw hat with a black rim, and
  • purple alligator/snakeskin patterned-shoes -- a lighter shade of purple than the pants

Around Kentucky Street, a young man with a bicycle wanted to board. He asked the driver if there was room for another bike. The driver said no -- there were already two bikes on the front of the bus. I have seen drivers let riders bring their bikes on the bus, but the bus was pretty full. The young man hopped on his bike and pedaled north. At Broadway, there was a line of traffic and another northbound # 4 bus in front of us [where did that come from?!]. A passenger asked if he could off even though we were back by the alley between Ermin's and the public library. The driver opened the door for him, and then the rest of us trickled off the bus. The young guy with the bicycle rode up to the light before any of the other traffic moved. 

The man in the purple suit also got off and headed east on Broadway. 

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