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Saturday, May 28, 2011

# 23 - Eastbound
Status: On time?

I met a friend at Quill's coffee shop on Baxter and decided to bus it over instead of using the car. It's one bus, practically door-to-door. I did have to walk one block south to Broadway. Since I did not see a bus coming and I wasn't exactly sure of the schedule, I went to the 4th Street stop, which has a posted schedule. As I crossed south on Broadway, an older man crossed north on an adult-sized tricycle with a basket. I'm sure there's a different name for it. And, no, it wasn't a recumbent bicycle.

At the entrance to the Heyburn building, another old man stood under at the awning. He may have said Hello as I walked by, but I was texting a response to the friend I was meeting. At the stop, I watched him as he waved at passing cars and pedestrians. When the bus arrived, he boarded.

A group of men were getting off around Preston. Just before the stop, a woman offered them a snack - -she had a resealable bag of either those sugary, orange slices or dried apricots. The man who accepted the offer couldn't get the bag open, so the woman opened it for him. Meanwhile, the bus had stopped and his friends had gotten off -- the bus almost drove off with him still reaching in the bag for a snack.

I waited until the bus passed the coffee shop and then took the next exit, with the street waver. I walked back to Quills along the block of Irish-themed bars.

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