Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

# 18 - westbound

Another medical appointment (about every 3 weeks now), so another trip on the #18 to the medical center. A man carrying a couple plastic bags and holding an umbrella was at the stop when I got there. It was not raining yet. He asked me if I was a student (does this mean I look young??), and I said that I worked at the university. He commented on the students finishing soon, and I said I thought Tuesday was the last day of finals. I work in the library and it's been much quieter than usual. Then I wondered if people just think the library is always quiet (it's not). He asked about book sales--I don't think our library does those.

As we waited for the bus, it started to rain, of course. He opened his umbrella, and I pulled up my hood. He offered to share his umbrella with me, but I politely declined. Then the bus came. It was a little crowded, so I stood at the back doorway. A woman near the front wore a plastic poncho and curlers in her hair. She had a grocery cart. When a passenger got off, I grabbed a seat near the front. Three high school students (two boys and a girl with a purple streak and a purple sweatshirt) were sitting in front of me. One of the boys kept looking back and said That girl behind you looks familiar. I know her from somewhere. I thought he was talking about me (since I was the girl right behind his friend) and I started to say something. Then the girl behind me said, I rode the bus with you last week. She was a young woman with a toddler.

Two women got on together and started talking about Osama bin Laden, but I couldn't get enough off their conversation to tell what exactly they were saying.

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