Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

# 4 - Southland Park
Status: 5 minutes late

As the bus approached the stop, a bus on Broadway started honking its horn to let the driver to know to wait for passengers. Our driver motioned through the door and I thought he was indicating to wait to board because someone (maybe in a wheelchair) was getting off. So he opened the doors and lowered the bus and no one boarded and no one got off and finally the driver said something.

The security guard was there talking with the driver about run-ins/altercations on the job. Dealing with drunks, etc. The driver asked what kind of measures the guards can take (guns?).
Security guard: I had his arm behind his back and told him if he didn't relax, he was going to break his arm. 
Driver: It was the "break" that got him to quiet down.
Another passenger joined in and basically started insulting the guard before taking the conversation in a different direction.
Instigator: You're not real police. You work for a temp service. They give you a uniform and a gun and you think you're big.
Security guard: If it's a felony, I can make an arrest...You can be contracted by the city police. You need to learn the law.
Instigator: I know the law!....Something about rent-a-cops. I'm not talking about you, of course...
Security guard: I used to be police. I went to the Richmond police academy and everything. Put in my 27.
Instigator: What's your 27?
Security guard: 27 years. I was school board police...Jefferson County Public Schools has its own police.
He was with the police before, during, and after busing.
Instigator: They were just hallway monitors.
Security guard: Those were school security. They were useless. I had my own car and a blue siren and everything.

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