Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

# 4 - Southland Park

R. walked with me to 4th & Broadway to catch the 7:40-whatever bus this morning. I watched a flock of tiny birds in the parking lot nibble at a breadstick or piece of pizza crust. R. said, I think that guy is making a drug deal, referring to one of the men in the shelter (one of whom was the "think in circles" guy from the other week) talking on his cell phone. We were next to the shelter and didn't see who was talking, but I saw the circle man when the bus arrived.

Me: Distributing or receiving? I haven't been listening--I was distracted by nature.

R. wasn't sure but thought it was setting up a distribution deal, and I guess he would know from his criminal attorney days, but I didn't ask what the key terms were.

Then he watched the birds with me. Occasionally, they would skatter away and then come back to the bread. A squirrel approached and tried to take the bread; the birds scattered. Then the squirrel ran off empty-mouthed.

R: Those birds could take that squirrel if they ganged up.

Me: I wonder why the squirrel left it--he had it!

R. said there were a lot of downtown food options for squirrels and that maybe it was poor quality food. Then he headed off to work.

A few minutes later, a squirrel approached closer to the fence (maybe the same one) and started attacking an Oreos package. He managed to get the plastic wrapper off the container and found some big crumbs/chunks to chew.

The man standing near me smoking said, I didn't know they could read!

I said, We were just saying they had good food options downtown, but I didn' t know that meant double-stuffed Oreos

In other news, I decided the benches at Central Park were not stolen. As of Monday, there were seats and backs again. Maybe they were repainted. I'm sure they were missing before--I checked more than once.

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