Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

# 4 - southbound

Pouring rain, no surprise. I had my travel coffee mug in one hand and my large umbrella handle in the other. One person (Dell student from yesterday) was in the first bus shelter and two people were in the 2nd shelter ( a white man and a black man) -- I took the 2nd one because it's closer to where the bus stops. As I tried to close my umbrella while standing under the shelter, the black man said that he doesn't bother with umbrellas. Yeah, I said, this one is about to blow away from me. He just wears his rain cap (ala Gilligan) and his hooded jacket and deals with it. Unfortunately for me, my jacket with a hood was still at work.

The man said to me, You know it's going to snow on Derby.
Really? I asked.
It's going to rain and then it will snow.
The white man asked if it had snowed on Derby before. In '97 it did. It wasn't much, but there was snow.  

I'm pretty sure I was waiting for the 7:49, but it didn't arrive until 7:55. While we waited, a black woman approached both shelters. She had crossed the street from Quiznos and had an umbrella but it wasn't open. While she was jaywalking, a turning car stopped to let her continue, but she waved the car on instead and glared at it. She asked at the first shelter for change and then came to ours. She asked me for a TARC ticket or change and then asked the white man. Then she pushed all the newspapers off the bench onto the ground (there had been a layer of free papers on the bench--perhaps to serve as a dry seat for someone earlier?). I thought she was going to sit, but no.

Then she asked the black man. What about you? Did I ask you?
The man responded with something like Me no understand. No English. I have never seen someone pretend not to speak English to avoid a panhandler before. Classic.

She glared at everyone and crossed the street again. She tried to board the northbound bus then got off and walked north then turned east on Broadway.

The black man said to the white man and me,  I had to think in a circle for that one (or something like that). She's lucky I didn't talk to her. I would have fuckin' cussed her out. You complain about it being dirty (motioning to the newspapers on the ground). It's because you make it dirty.

Once on the bus, the white man pulled the cord somewhere near Central Park, but the driver missed the stop and stopped past the light at Magnolia. Another man asked if we were close to Barret. Totally going in the wrong direction for that. He got off at the next stop, presumably to go north and then east on a different route.

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